Frontline Crossings™ is a Health Canada and FDA licensed importer and distributor of professional-grade medical devices used by large health care and government organizations. With a monthly output of 200 million nitrile gloves, Frontline Crossings™ delivers peace of mind and consistency to health care partners in Canada and the United States.

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Frontline Crossings™ has supplied over 1 billion units of PPE to healthcare and Canadian government organizations. With a 5-star delivery and customer service rating, and zero product recalls, healthcare organizations worldwide trust Frontline Crossings™ to deliver quality PPE when they need it most.

Nitrile Glove Rush Orders

When it comes to supplying nitrile gloves, Frontline Crossings™ is a leader in large volume transactions. With the capacity to deliver 200 million nitrile gloves per month in Canada and the USA, Frontline Crossings™ is always the first supplier you should call when you need large volumes of critical PPE supplies quickly.

Government Procurement Specialists

Frontline Crossings™ carries a wide range of surgical grade PPE to meet even the most exacting quality requirements of public healthcare organizations. Our proven experience serving government procurement teams and dedicated customer service are what set Frontline Crossings™ apart from the competition.

Quality First. Payment Later.

Since day 1 of the Covid-19 pandemic, Frontline Crossings™ has been proud to support government health care organizations by extending industry-leading net payment terms. Because the last thing our brave healthcare heroes should worry about while saving lives is the quality of their PPE.

Why choose Frontline?


Quality Assurance

Frontline Crossings™ Medical Supply operates a carefully regulated supply chain system with long-term strategic manufacturers and supplier partners. Under the terms of our MDEL license issued by Health Canada, we go to great lengths to source only high-quality PPE products that are tested for quality compliance with international standards, and are manufactured in facilities that are audited for quality assurance.

Global Logistics and Supply Chain

With offices in Canada and the United States, Frontline Crossings™ Medical Supply is able to provide customers with a wide range of logistics and shipping options, including by air, sea, and ground transportation. Contact us today to learn more about how we can serve you and your community with high quality PPE at wholesale discount pricing.

Compassion and Community Service

Compassion and kindness are some of the most effective tools we can use in our battle against the Covid-19 pandemic. During this time of great challenges for all people across the globe, we never forget that our main mission is to serve the local communities and the brave workers that keep us safe. That is why Frontline Crossings™ is a proud sponsor and donor to the Charity Foundation of Canada that provides funding and equipment to hospitals and medical clinics across Canada.


We Are Ready to Serve.​

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