Dynamic ECG System - TLC6000

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Dynamic ECG Systems adopt 12-lead system of international standard, which can continuously record ECG waveform for 24-hour and analyze ECG waveform by the PC software. It is applicable for use in medical institution and community.

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  • Lead cable (1 set)
  • ECG electrode (1 bag)
  • USB cable(1)
  • Software(1)
  • Bag(1)
  • User manual(1)
Physical characteristic
  • Recorder dimension: 81mm(L) X 60mm(W) X 22mm(H)
  • Weight: about 61.5g(without batteries)
  • Adopt 12-lead system of international standard, continuously record ECG waveform for 24-hour.
  • Sync analysis for 12-lead, and any channels can be selected as the main analysis channel, which ensures that QRS waveform can be found accurately, and no distortion.
  • With more than 10 templates(such as atrial premature beat, ventricular premature beat, long interval, atrial fibrillation, etc.) and many user-defined modules, which can almost distinguish any kind of pathologic waveforms.
  • Flexible atrial fibrillation analysis, which ensures that physicians can use the whole or segmented AUTO/manual analysis, more accurate in atrial fibrillation analysis.
  • All pacemakers(such as AAI, VVI, DDD etc.) can be analyzed by the powerful pacemaker analysis function.
  • Single or full-lead ECG in any time bucket can be reviewed by the fast review analysis function.
  • With analysis functions for 5-minute, 1-hour and whole heart rate variability.
  • One-key print, convenient and fast to print the reports.
  • The death risk in patients with myocardial infarction can be predicted by the “HRT” analysis function.
  • “T-Wave alternation” is an important index to predict the malignant arrhythmia and sudden cardiac death.
  • With QTD(QT dispersion), VCG(vector cardiogram), VLP(ventricular late potential) and TVCG(time vector cardiogram) analysis modules, more valuable in analysis report.
  • FDA (Registration No.: 3006979678 )
  • CE

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