Fetal Doppler - CONTEC10A

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CONTEC10A Pocket Fetal Doppler adopts Doppler technology in designing, it is a hand-held fetal heart rate detection device. Measured FHR value and waveform are displayed on the LCD screen. With easy and convenient operation, it can be used in hospital, clinic for daily self-check by pregnant woman, realizing early monitoring and care for life.


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Physical characteristic
  • Dimension: 157mm(L) X 99 mm(W) x 27 mm(H)
  • Weight: about 207 g(with batteries)
  • Beautiful appearance, easy to operate
  • Magnetic probe, compact design, convenient to use
  • Color display screen
  • Digits/Curve display
  • Battery level indication
  • Auto shutdown after no signal inputting for 60s
  • High sensitive Doppler probe, fetal heart sound can be heard clearly for pregnancy more than 12 weeks
  • Two sound output modes: built-in speaker and external headphone
  • Health Canada (Licence No.: 94645)
  • FDA (Registration No.: 3006979678 )
  • CE

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