Medical Isolation Face Shield with Head Strap

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  • 180-degree medical face shield with comfort foam layer and head strap

Standard Order Details

Minimum Order Quantity:100,000 individual units
Free Delivery:Price includes standard 28 calendar days sea freight.
Express Delivery:7 business days express air freight shipping available at add’l charge.
Payment Terms:Select buyers may qualify for net payment terms. Contact us for additional details.

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  • Durable polymer that can be disinfected with alcohol
  • 29cm x 25cm
  • 180 degrees of protection
  • Anti-fog and anti-glare
  • Anti-static
  • Transparent
  • Multiple use (after proper disinfection)
  • EN 166:2001
  • EN 167:2001
  • EN 168:2001
  • CE
  • 3 years from date of production
  • 1 face shield per package (package dimensions: 29cm x 25cm)
  • 200 face shields per carton (carton dimensions: 60cm x 40cm x 41cm)

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