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PMSO is a multi-functional patient monitor that can monitor BP and SpO, at the same time. Realizing long time monito pressure, the device is widely applicable to hospital wards, community clinics and other medical institutions.

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  • cuff for adult
  • Integrative Spo2
  • Probe USB data line
  • Disk IPC softwarel
  • Pouch User manual
Physical characteristic
  • Dimension: 128mmiL) x 69mm(W) x 36mm(H)
  • Weight: <350g (including batteries)
  • Compact and portable, easy to use.
  • With Integrative SpO, Probe.
  • Double working modes,monitoring function and 24 hours ambulatory NIBP measurement function can be flexibly set.
  • Long time monitoring BP and SpO,, displaying value of BP, SpO, and PR.
  • NIBP and SpO, data Record for large capacity.
  • With friendly user interface, the user can see list menu and review measurement results.
  • The device can display low power information, alarm information, error inormation and time information richly.
  • Parameter alarms function is optional.
  • Patient information can be flexibly set.
  • Case management function.PC software can achieve data review, analysis measurement results, seeing trend, printing reports and other functions.
  • Data can be transmitted between device and computer, such as upload patient information, download measurement data.
  • English and Chinese menu.
  • FDA (Registration No.: 3006979678 )
  • CE

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