Pulse Oximeter - CMS50DL

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Technical Parameters

Display Mode: LED display

SpO2 Measuring Range: 0 ~~ 100%

PR Measuring Range: 30~250bpm

Resolution: 1% for SpO2, 1bpm for pulse rate

Accuracy: +2% (70% ~ 100%), unspecified (<70%) for SpO2, +2bpm or+2% (select larger) for pulse rate

Power Supply: 1.5V (AAA size) alkaline batteries

Can work more than 30hours continuously

Interference resistance capacity against ambient light and measurement performance at low perfusion

Integrated with SpO2 probe and processing display module

Application: hospital, home, community medical treatment, sports healthcare, etc.

Can measure SpO2 and Pulse Rate accurately

SpO2 and Pulse Rate display, bar graph display

Battery voltage low indication

Low power consumption;

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Dimension: (57(L) x 31(W) x32(H) mm), light, convenient to carry
  • Health Canada (Licence No.: 90629)
  • FDA (Registration No.: 3006979678 )
  • CE

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