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The CMS60C Pulse Oximeter adopts Photoelectric Oxyhemoglobin Inspection Technology in accordance with Capacity Pulse Scanning & Recording Technology, which can be used to measure human oxygen saturation and pulse rate through finger. The device is suitable for being used in hospital, oxygen bar, community healthcare and physical care in sports, etc. (It can be used before or after exercise, but not recom-mended to use during exercising).

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  • Standard: User Manual lpc
  • Optional: Bluetooth adapter, Data line 1pc Power adapter
Physical characteristic
  • Dimension: 87(L) X 45(W) X 22(H) mm
  • Weight: about 68g (with one lithium battery)
  • Small in volume, light in weight and convenient in carrying.
  • Operation menu for function settings.
  • SpoO, value display.
  • Pulse rate value display, bar graph display.
  • Pulse waveform display.
  • Screen brightness can be changed.
  • Pulse rate sound indication.
  • With overrun prompt function,the upper and lower limit settings can be adjusted.
  • Battery capacity indication.
  • Low-voltage indication: Low-voltage indication appears before working abnormal caused by low voltage.
  • Data storage function, stored data can be uploaded to computer.
  • Data transmission in real-time.
  • Wireless transmission function(optional)
  • External SpO, probe.
Health Canada (Licence No.: 90629)

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