Pulse Oximeter - CMS50M

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CMS50M Pulse Oximeter is a portable equipment adopting advanced technology, it mainly checks SpOz and PR value through the finger, which provides advanced, non-invasive and scientific means for quantitative measurement of oxygen saturation.

CMS5OM Pulse Oximeter is applicable for use in plateau area, community healthcare, oxygen bar, Fitness clubs, physical training room, family and medical institution, etc.

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Physical characteristic 
  • Measurement Performance in Weak Filling Condition: SpO2z and pulse
  • Dimension: 57mmiL) x 34mm(W) x 31mm{(H)
  • Can measure SpO2 and Pulse Rate accurately @ SpO2z measurement range: 0%~100%
  • SpO2 and Pulse Rate display,bar graph display Accuracy: 70%~100%: + 2%
  • Battery voltage low indication 0%~69%: unspecified
  • FDA (Registration No.: 3006979678 )
  • CE

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